Privacy and Confidentiality


We value the privacy of our bookkeeping client accountants and bookkeepers and their truckers bookkeeping clients and will always function as their undisclosed bookkeeping process management back-office and provide our services in a confidential manner.

To guarantee the confidentiality of the bookkeeping data and client information, we located our bookkeeping data capture centre in Barbados.

Why Barbados

The availability of a large pool of highly motivated high school and university graduates to meet our data capture staffing needs.

The opportunity to easily ramp-up our bookkeeping data capture service delivery team and not having to worry about attrition due to staff turnover.

With our data centre located in Barbados and our strict workstation policy, our client accountants are assured of the confidentiality and security of their client information.

Our office is managed by Canadian Accountants.

Our bookkeeping data capture staff are trained by experienced Canadian Truckers Accountants on customized for truckers bookkeeping software platform

Employees are all high school and university level graduates

As part of our strict in-house administrative policy, bookkeeping data capture employees are not allowed Cell Phones and/or Smart Phones in the data capture centre or office.

Our data capture staff computer workstations do not include MS-Office, printing capabilities or access to the internet.

We will not divulge directly or indirectly to any person or otherwise use, disseminate, disclose, lecture upon, or reveal in anyway whatsoever any of your intellectual property, or proprietary information and will maintain complete secrecy of all such intellectual property information entrusted to us.



Data Security