data integrity


As part of the customized truckers bookkeeping process management system, we built into our bookkeeping workflow, a data integrity check mark document processed audit feature that allows us to easily audit verify, that every document received was processes.

We further enhance the data verification process with a built in data capture document entered counting system, that counts the number of documents processed by chart of account category as a quick link verification tool.

For data integrity management audit purposes, this process generates a monthly and quarterly report as a cross reference verification of documents processed for use by our clients as an audit support report.

In addition, as documents are data entered, a check mark is placed on each document to signal that the document was processed.

If required or requested by our client accountants, we will provide these reports to support each bookkeeping month documents processed.

Where a document was not processed for any reason, such as duplicate during data entry, an "X" flag check mark is placed on the document.

For all other reasons, these would be sent to our client accountant to check and recycle back to us if applicable to add to the client processed information file.



check-mark data capture verification