We relieve accountants of the paper intensive segment of the truckers bookkeeping process management task, by converting the paper invoices and receipts received from truckers, into customized financial reports and deliver these direct to the email inbox of accountants.

We are positioned to leverage our over 30 Years experience providing bookkeeping services to truckers in Canada and the USA.  This way, accountants can rest assured that outsourcing their truckers bookkeeping process management to us will always be a good business decision for the bottom-line and business productivity.

This service will help accountants move the bookkeeping for truckers data capture result, from Paper, to-tax-ready DATA and reports.

This way, we will do the bookkeeping and leave accountants free to provide their trucking industry clients with the required Accounting and Tax Services in a paperless environment without having to invest in any new technology or service delivery system and infrastructure.

Our bookkeeping support system offers accountants a real opportunity to grow their truckers bookkeeping and tax services revenues and client base, without having to grow their staff and service delivery costs. 

We already invested in some of the best paperless bookkeeping technology and service systems, that we will deploy to bring real value to accountants.

Our Scan and Upload System

Our Toll-Free Fax upload system

Our Smart phone document delivery system  

Our customized bookkeeping APP for Truckers

This service will allow accountants to focus on building a large client base of independent truckers, by being able to take on an unlimited number of clients from the trucking industry without the paper processing hassles.


Data Security

Document Flow