How and why we do it?

We provide accountants with a year-end tax client acquisition service to grow their year-end tax client base, to meet the year-end tax service needs of our truckers bookkeeping clients.

The reason?

To change our service delivery to specialize and focus on providing bookkeeping process management services to truckers and outsource the year-end tax services to truckers accountants.

This way, accountants get to build a steady flow of year-end client revenues without having to invest in any type of client acquisition marketing and promotion to acquire truckers for year-end tax services.

It is a fact:

Accountants prefer to receive data instead of paper to provide tax services to their small business clients and owner operator truckers. 

However, truckers usually provide their business information as papers to process, instead of data, which increases accountants service delivery cost

Under this client acquisition collaboration between Truckersbooks and accountant, accountants get to develop a steady flow of qualified trucking client leads competition free, without any investment, which is a win-win system for mutual growth of our client base and business profits.

This specialization gives accountants and TruckersBooks the opportunity to grow fast and provide the services to a larger client base and lower cost.


As we grow our truckers bookkeeping client base, our support accountants will grow their year-end tax client base and year end revenues.