Privacy and Confidentiality


Privacy Statement

BPM Outsourcing and its related companies, believe that protecting our client’s privacy is important. 

Our policies and business practices are designed to conform to the information protection and electronic document Act.


Under our outsource bookkeeping management support system for accountants bookkeeping support for their truckers bookkeeping clients, privacy is mutually important as we share our client information with accountants as we part of our client acquisition support for accountants and bookkeepers.

Here is how it works

We have and will continue to invest in emerging technologies to simplify the bookkeeping process for truckers, to give them the opportunity to cut their bookkeeping service cost by using their phone or tablet to manage the bookkeeping process.

The Bottom-line

We have positioned our workflow system to focus on managing the bookkeeping process for truckers and create alliances with accountants to do the year-end tax and reporting.

Making data,  privacy and confidentiality mutually important.